Verity Search Engine in PeopleSoft HR applications.

VERITY Search Engine, PORTAL_INDEX process, Building a Search Index and Searching the Portal - very good post from Shyam Sundar.

All about PeopleSoft Portal Registry- Shyam Sundar

 Verity is needs to installed in 8.50 and HCM 9.1 version. It no long comes as product with peoplesoft installation. following link has the details to install the verity search engine.


Difference different versions of Peoplesoft HR Application

People HR application has evolved with each version and there was major change in the Personal model. Most of us know what are the major changes in personal model. Some time finding all the detail changes and to understand and back data from old versions during upgrade and re-implementation is a challenge.

We do have details in the people books, It has not evolved as much as application find things on people books is not that friendly. I  found one of link hosting the details of the changes hope this will be useful for you as well.


Delivered Page to Search Component Navigation.

There was several solutions to find the navigation path for component and page. There were several SQL statements for different databases. Finally Oracle as developed page this purpose.

In the latest Ptools 8.50 and Application 9.1 application search is possible from two navigations.

1) Main Menu > Enterprise Components > Find Object Navigation
2) Setup HRMS > System Administration > Utilites > Portal Navigation Path

Search is possible with name of Component,Page,Secondary Page and Content Reference.

Search works fine with hidden components as well.


PeopleTools 8.52 - Next big tools release

A lot of changes are expected to happen in the 8.52. RVP - Release value proposition of of 8.52 describe a lot interesting features. Very excited to work on 8.52 applications.

There are already a lot of blog providing detail information about the 8.52. I have included few of those in this post.