PS Grid Customize option internals

PS uses ‘PSUSEROBJTYPE’ data dictionary to store the user’s customization.

PTCUSTOMFORMAT stores the data in the below format and pipe symbol as the delimiter.

Format explanation

Header delimiter hide/unide delimiter Freeze/UnFreeze delimiter Sort Asc/Desc delimiter Sorting order# columnnumber Footer

Delimiter = Pipe symbol
Header = 0
hide/unide = 1 – Hide Field , 0 – Unhide Field
Freeze/UnFreeze = 1 – Freeze Field, 0 – Unfreeze Field
Sort Asc/Desc = No sort order, 1 – Sort by ascending, 2 – Sort by Descending
Sorting order = 0/1/2…
Column specifier = # column number
Footer = 0#

Suppose a grid as 7 columns, when the user customizes the grid, below is the sample format.

1. Department level1 code is made hidden.
2. Sort order and Department level2 code are in Sort order list and department level 2 code is set as descending

The format would be


Peoplesoft Updates Details

Peoplesoft patches and bundle projects applied to the Instance can be view in the
table ps_maintenance_log.

This information can be view in online in PIA. In the 3 components

Peopletools > Utilites > Administration > Updates - View all
Peopletools > Utilites > Administration > Updates by Release Label
Peopletools > Utilites > Administration > Updates by Update ID