Avoid accessing in-correct run-control parameters in the AE programs

Run control parameters are accessed at the first step in all the AE programs. It will be stored in AET record and will be processed across different steps and sections. If the run control parameters are stored in the multiple records with parent child relations ships. Eg:- list of the job codes , Departments & Business units. Since we cannot store multiple rows in the AET/State record, we access these records in the sql directly where it is required to access the parameters. It method works fine until same user runs the same process with same run control id again with different run-control parameters before the earlier process completes its execution.

Problems :- first process will end up using the incorrect parameters that is assigned for the second process.
Result can be unexpected, based on the run-control parameters changed by the user. Accessing the run control parameters in the AE program other than beginning step can always create problem.

Solution :-
User training can be one of the solution, but it will be better if the program can handle it without any additional user training.

Create an additional table with keys OPRID, RUN_CNTRL_ID  and other keys and fields specific to the run-control parameters of the AE process. In the beginning step, insert all the multi-row runcontrol parameters in to this record and level zero parameters in the AET record. In the process, where ever you need to use the multi-row runcontrol parameters use the new record created , instead of the actual runcontrol table used on the page/component. Delete these rows from this new record at the end of the process. Access and deletion of the rows from the table should be based on the key fields OPRID,RUN_CNTRL_ID.


PeopleTools Tables Reference

There are 3000 PeopleTools tables and view (as defined by PSOBJGROUP). Tackling all of them manually would be a monumental task.

A brief discription of the of many Peopletools tables can be found in the link below.

http://www.go-faster.co.uk/peopletools/index.htm - Co-Operative PeopleTools Reference

Hope this will be very usefull to many.


Launching JDeveloper XSL Mapper from Application Designer/Application Engine

JDeveloper is a tool that can be integrated to AppDesigner for a graphical XSLT mapper with AE transform programs.

Here are the pre-reqs for using XSL Mapper. If any of the pre-reqs have not been met it won’t launch
1. Configure the gateway by loading in all target connectors via the Gateway component, and configuring the IntegrationGateway.Properties file. Specifically, you must set the value for the DEFAULT APP SERVER in this file

2. Set the value for the TARGET LOCATION field on the PS Service Configuration page. The value of this field should point to the location of the PeopleSoftServiceListeningConnector on the gateway

3. Specify the path the JDeveloper Home in the configuration manager (on the windows developer client)

4. Build schemas for all both the source and target messages to be used by the mapper

5. Grant access to the PTPT1200 permission list.

Mapper Jdeveloper to application engine as below.

1) Application Engine :- Program properties - Transform only.
2) Action - XLST - Graphical Mapper - Yes.
3) The integration is setup from the Config Manager
    Crystal/Bus. Interlink/JDeveloper