Creating Related Edit Fields

Related display in people soft is used to display the description/detail of the ID or codes. User has to enter the ID/code or search by description in the prompt page. If the user is familiar with Descrtiption rather than ID or code and user want to select based on that, then we can use Related edit field.

Related edits enable users to enter descriptive values instead of code values and enable prompting on those descriptive values. Changing the value in the control field updates the related edit field, and changing the value in the related edit field updates the value in the control field. If appropriate, the control field can be display-only or even invisible to hide code values from the user.

If user wants to search employee by name rather then EMPLID , then user can key in name and search instead of using the EMPLID.At design time, you set up a related edit field in the same way that you create a related display field, except that you clear the Display Only check box in the Field Use Options group box so that the field is active at runtime

1) Edits, including any assigned PeopleCode, are run on the control field. PeopleCode is not run for the related edit field.
2) Edits, including any assigned PeopleCode, are run on the control field. PeopleCode is not run for the related edit field.
3) The related edit field must be an alternate key in the prompt table.
4) If the hidden control field that you select is a required field, PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture changes the related edit field into a required field as well.



How to avoid the trimming of leading zeros in XML Publisher - Excel output

When the XML Publisher creates the Excel output file with fields having leading Zero (Eg:- Position Number), when the ouput file is opend in the Excel (not in the web browser), the leading zeros in the will be automatically trimed by the Excel. Excel treat this as number, we need force excel to treat this value as character and not as numberic value.

During XML template design, Instead of the using the tag < ? fld_POSITION_NUMBER ? >
use  ="< ? fld_POSITION_NUMBER ? > ". It wraps the value with double quotes. Now Excel treat value as character and doesn't trim the leading zeors of value.

Note:- space between < and ? and tag name is not requried.


How to enable logging for the IB Messages

In file

set the property ig.log.level under logging section.

The following are the Gateway Log Levels

# Level Value

# -------------------------- -----

# SUPPRESS ANY LOGGING -100 {Suppresses any Message Logs}

# LANGUAGE_EXCEPTION -1 {Logs language exceptions only}

# STANDARD_GATEWAY_EXCEPTION 1 {Logs language and standard}

# WARNING 2 {Logs all errors & warnings}

# IMPORTANT_INFORMATION 3 {Logs errors,warnings and important Information.(Default)}

# STANDARD_INFORMATION 4 {Logs errors,warnings, important and standard information}

# LOW_IMPORTANCE_INFORMATION 5 {Logs errors,warnings important, standard and low importance information}
Name of the file used to output message/error logs can be set in this file..for the parameter
ig.messageLog.filename - msgLog.html
ig.errorLog.filename - errorLog.html