PeopleTools 8.51 is getting ready to surprise you with few interesting features.

Many Peoplesoft System is yet to get promoted to 8.50 Tools version. Not many companies has full explored the features of 8.50 (web 2.0) and 9.1 applicaitons. Oracle already has 8.51 RVP. These changes are manly related to user experience and productivity improvement. It seems the quick changes to tools version is driven from the new competing applications which has fresh new application experience for the users.

• PeopleSoft Smart Navigation
• PeopleSoft Test Framework

These are the 2 Peoplesoft main changes which can change the way we use the PeopleSoft applications and implement/support projects are run.
PeopleSoft Smart Navigation

Hierarchical application data can be incorporated into the menu structure, allowing a user to
access application functions directly related to data such as the company org chart or any other data tree.
Contextual menus can be associated with data on a PeopleSoft application page, allowing a
user to take action directly from data on the page without having to navigate the main menu
structure and search again for the data they need.

A user’s search results are temporarily stored directly in the menu structure, allowing a user to
navigate from one record to another without having to re-execute a search – even if they have
moved away from the page.

I was trying to imagine how this look like in the PeopleSoft and what is the driving factor for the quick menu update. Menu changes were done in earlier version 8.50.

It looks like it this change is driven by Workday. Rich user experience in Workday is one of driving factor for customers to choose it.
It seems PeopleSoft like to incorporate these changes in the 8.51 Tools version.

Following can give idea more about that.


Cannot access incorrect password

If you look under your PS_HOME ,

PS_HOME \webserv\peoplesoft\applications\peoplesoft\PSIGW\WEB-INF

There is a file called gatewayUserProfile.xml , this holds the UserID/Password

If you need to change this then you can change it in this file . Note you will need to encrypt the password using the pscipher utility.


Query Administration not showing queries that have been run

In order to enable Query Administration statistics tracking, navigate to PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > Query Administration. Click on the Settings tab. Make sure the check box for "Run Query Statistics" has been selected. This setting is saved automatically. Once this check box has been enabled, you will be able to track query statistics in Query Administration.


Enabling this caused table locking issue in some earlier tools version [8.43.xx,8.44.xx] [Reference: Support URL]. Kindly verify before using this option.


PRCSYSPURGE process deleting rows from other environment


Recently cloned an environment from PROD & surprised to see PRCSYSPURGE process deleting rows from other environment [PROD].


On refreshing one environment (Development) with other database (Production) then that means that in PS_CDM_LIST table the field OUTPUTDIR still contains the database name for Production. Changing this helped to resolve the issue.


Send Master Utility

Just happened to read about a PeopleSoft - Send Master Utility

The Send Master utility enables you to test PeopleSoft Integration Broker service operation interactions with PeopleSoft and third-party web servers, application servers, and integration gateways. It can test listening connector functionality, target connector functionality, connector introspection and transactions.

Send Master enables you to post any data format, including the PeopleSoft Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) message format, to web and application servers over HTTP and HTTPS. You can also use Send Master to simultaneously test groups of different types of service operations, as well as stress test your system.

Send Master also enables you to perform Get functions and to ping application messaging gateways and third-party servers.

Send Master is installed with the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture on Windows and UNIX systems and is delivered as part of the Integration Broker Connector SDK.

Send Master is also delivered as a Windows stand-alone batch file. The stand alone version enables you to use the utility without having to install an integration gateway.


Weblogic - Error while booting - WLS_ADMINSERVER000000.DAT

Error: While booting the Web-logic Server received an error..

The persistent store "_WLS_AdminServer" could not be deployed: [Store:280021]There was an error while opening the file store file "_WLS_ADMINSERVER000000.DAT"


To start the server again:
1. find -name "*.DAT" files in "<**>/domains>/<**>" directory (in our case!) and move or remove them
2. remove "EmbeddedLDAP.lok" and "AdminServer.lok" (maybe some more)

Thanks to,

Note: May not be applicable for all version.,


PSORATimestampConversion Errors

While performing tools only upgrade to 8.50. PSORATimestampConversion.bat failed.,


Including the classes12.jar in the CLASSPATH resovled the issue.

D:\daberk\psoft\pt850\fin91\utility>echo %CLASSPATH%


While adding new report definition , Data source type is by default PS Query and not editable

While adding new report definition ,Data source type is by default PSQuery and not editable.

There are 2 roles for the XMLP.
XMLP Power User
XMLP Report Developer

XMLP Power User - It doesn't have permission to create report with data source type other than PS Query. XMLP Report Developer - Will enable to change the Data source type to other than PS Query.
It looks strange why XMLP Power User doesn't have the permission to create report definiation with data source type other than PSQuery.