Delivered EIPs in PeopleSoft across different modules

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Integration Point (EIP) Diagrams

Following link provides the details of the EIP for different modules in PeopleSoft. It will be handy while integrating modules in PeopleSoft.


PeopleTools Meta Data Tables

We often search for the PeopleSoft Tools Meta Data tables for various reasons.
There are a lot of blog and websites providing these details on the Internet. In this blog  I will only post just consolidate list of them.


PeopleTools 8.52 - Restful Webservices

Hi PeopleTools 8.52 - Support the Restful web services. I was just wondering what is this Restful which generates WADL vs WSDL.

I found some of the interesting post/documents that expain SOAP/WSDL and Restful/WADL.

Document provides the detail differences between the WSDL and they are different from the WSDL 2.0.

WADL and WSDL 2.0 HTTP binding are similar but do have some differences. Each
specification has both its pros and cons. In short, WADL is simple and has limited scope. By
design, WADL is limited to describing HTTP applications and does not address features such
as security. On the other hand, the WSDL 2.0 HTTP binding is more feature rich, at the cost
of increased complexity, yet still lacks a true resource-centric model.
It will be interesting to watch as each of these technologies matures and gains broader