Row Level Security in Peoplesoft HRMS

Row Level Security in Peoplesoft HRMS


The Default department security is name DEPT_SECURITY and the SetID is the share, although you may choose to create one to operate with a different Setid, depending on your environment.


Root level on this tree represents your company or organization. Below that you are adding departments in a hierarchical manner until you have built on organizational char of your company’s department structure.


When you click the link on one of department levels to either insert a child or a sibling node, you will be allowed to either choose an existing department that has been created or to create a new department on the fly by clicking Add.


Tie date Permission lists to Your Trees


Define Business Rules - > Administer HR systems -> Use -> Maintain Row level Security


1)       Select a Permission list – It needs to created in the maintain security menu.

2)       Peoplesoft standard is to generally preface them with DP

3)       In the Data security profile page, you need to add the Departments that this permission list will have access to.

4)       You need to provide SetID for the Department Security Tree you are using and then enter the DeptID for the node you are choosing.

5)       Department Security Tree is hierarchical, that by adding an access to a department, you are automatically granting access to all the departments below that node as well.

If you need to exclude the data from a particular ‘Sub-Department’ you will have need to add that department separately to this list, and choose ‘No Access’ as the Acess code instead of the default of ‘Read/Write’.


Change the security Basis for the System


The final step to implement Row level security in HR is to change all the search views controlling which data is accessed on various pages. Luckily you don’t have to change it manually change each one, as Peoplesoft has delivered a process that takes care of it all for you. Please note that you only run this Process when turning on Department security System-Wide, Or when removing it from the system.


Define Business Rules -> Define General options - > Process - > Change Row Security Basis.


You need to choose option for Department security, to turn Department security on, or the Option of ‘None’, to turn Department security off.


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  1. mutyalarao said,

    Guess what you had mentioned is for 8.3..
    for later releases, its Setup HRMS-> Install -> Security -> Core Row Level Security menu.

    on December 22, 2011 at 12:38 PM