stdapi.sqc !Routines to Update Run Status

Error: SQR runs successfully but the Process Status is showing Error in the PIA Process Monitor Page…

Issue: The two procedures required to be included in that particular SQR was missed by the developer.

Solution: Called two procedures (stdapi-init, stdapi-term) in the SQR and included the Stdapi.sqc in the bottom of the program…


Step we have to fallow to run the SQR program from the Peoplesoft environment (Process Scheduler) - Making the SQR program API aware by calling two procedures (stdapi-init, stdapi-term) from the Begin-program section and including the Stdapi.sqc in the bottom of the program.

stdapi.sqc: It contains the application program interface procedures. These procedures allow the SQR program to communicate with the Process Monitor and Report Manager inside the PeopleSoft environment.


Sandeep G



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