Upcoming Advanced features in Peoplesoft.

1) Peoplesoft Reporting
Connects 2 or more PS/Queries.

n level nesting,Schedulable.
Parent-Child relationships
Underlying structure for XML Publisher subreport support & XML Output.

2) PeopleSoft Query Access Services
Standard Web Services to run and create PS/Queries Planned for PT 8.50

PeopleSoft and Business Intelligence Publisher Web Services Integration Planned Using QAS.
Report would be scheduled and executed on the BIP Server retrieving PS/Query as data source via QAS.
3) Crystal Reports Now with Platform & Performance Options.

4) Collaboration In Action

Connected to PeopleSoft transactions
• Pre-integration of collaborative services.
• All communication and artifacts together.
• Enable the free-flowing, ad-hoc nature of Web 2.0.
• Web 2.0 integrated into the Enterprise
• Availability and reliability.
• Permits management, security.
• Heterogeneous technology must be integrated.
• Out of the box integration, lower TCO.