%Updatestats not working PeopleSoft

%Updatestats - No Performance change ? %Updatestats - No improvement.

PeopleSoft Application Engine skips %UpdateStats in the following circumstances.

  • A commit is not allowed, as in within an Application Engine program called from PeopleCode.

  • The program issues a non-select SQL statement since the last commit occurred.

    In such a situation, data is likely to have changed.

  • You are deferring commits in a Select/Fetch loop in a restartable program.

    PeopleSoft Application Engine skips %UpdateStats even if the previous condition is false.

    Activating %UpdateStats

    %UpdateStats can be disabled by setting the DbFlags application server domain parameter.

    This parameter has two values that apply to %UpdateStats:

  • 0 – enable %UpdateStats.

  • 1 – disable %UpdateStats.

%UpdateStats is enabled by default for NT/2000 and z/OS Process Schedulers.

Enabling/Disabling %UpdateStats for Batch Processing

To enable/disable %UpdateStats for batch processing:

  1. Initialize the PSADMIN program on Unix System Services to administer the Process Scheduler PSOS390.

  2. Select either Configure a Process Scheduler Server or Edit a Process Scheduler Configuration File.

  3. If you select the first option, set the value for DbFlags to 0 to enable or 1 to disable %UpdateStats.

  4. If you select the second option, locate the related section in the file and change DbFlags to 0 to enable and 1 to disable %UpdateStats.

  5. To fully enable %UpdateStats for COBOL to run on the mainframe (Server PSOS390), you need to modify the program PSPTSQLRT. Note that several lines are delivered commented out in the program.

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