Position Management Reports

1) To establish reporting hierarchies, you will need to create a top position that reports to itself. Once you have created a hierarchy, you can run POS006A, Build Position Tree Structure Codes, so that you can generate the Indented Position Hierarchy report, POS006, to report on your organizational chart.

2) To establish a top position, add the position, save your entries, then enter the same position number in the Reports To Posn field and press Save again.

3) You can generate the Vacant Position Report (POS007), which shows all vacant budgeted positions in the system, and the Position Status Report (POS001), which lists all positions and their status.

4)To generate a list of positions in the system, you can run the Active/Inactive Positions Report, (POS002).
You can generate the Incumbent History (POS003) report, which lists current and former incumbents in all positions in the system, grouped by department.

5)You can generate the Active Position History report (POS004), which shows data on all active positions in the system. If you choose, the report generates job requisitions for all active, vacant, and approved budgeted positions. As you update data in fields that match in the Position Data and incumbent Job Data panels, periodically you will want to check the data to ensure the system contains the right information in both places.

6)You can run an SQR audit, POS008, to determine any data that does not match in the two panel groups.