Web Profile Configuration - auditPWD

Web Profile Configuration - Custom Properties page.

This page enables the use of web profile properties, for each property, you enter the property name, select its validation type, and provide the appropriate property value. The validation type ensures that the property value that you enter is the correct format.

One such Custom Property is...

## auditPWD

This property enables certain debug and control settings...

# http://[server]/psp/[site]/?cmd=viewsprop&pwd=[password] Displays session properties

# http://[server]/psp/[site]/?cmd=reloadconfig&pwd=[password] — Reloads the Web Profile

# http://[server]/psp/[site]/?cmd=viewconfig&pwd=[password] Displays currently cached Web Profile

Note: The [password] parameter is defined in the Web Profile as a custom property called auditPWD. Not recommended to set in production environment unless directed to do so.

Sandeep G