Suppressing Automatic Lookups for Improved Performance

Prompt table Exclusion List in Peoplesoft.
Improve prompt table performance in Peoplesoft

Many fields in PeopleSoft applications has lookup or prompts tables indicated by the magnifying glass. When you click on that icon you are taken to a lookup dialogue, but by default
the search fires automatically

However, in peoplesoft only the first 300 rows are retrieved into the component buffer, and only the first 100 rows of that set are shown on the first page. These results are almost certainly
useless to the operator who must then enter criteria into the lookup search dialogue and search again.

If we can suppress the automatic search performance of the prompt will improve. User can search the data after providing the search values and no.of rows returned will less and more usefull to the user.

Question is how can we suppress this ? from 8.44 peoplesoft has provided the Prompt table Exclusion List.

Peopletools >Utilites > Administration > Lookup Exclusion Table.

The tables in this list are stored in the Application server cache.
You don't have to restart any application servers before the behaviour of the lookup to change.

You should should for those prompt which usually takes more time.

The following query will identify all the records that are used as look-up records within a PeopleSoft system.

FROM pspnlfield p
, psrecfielddb f
, psrecdefn r
WHERE p.fieldname = f.fieldname
AND p.recname = f.recname
AND r.recname = f.edittable