How to enable logging for the IB Messages

In file

set the property ig.log.level under logging section.

The following are the Gateway Log Levels

# Level Value

# -------------------------- -----

# SUPPRESS ANY LOGGING -100 {Suppresses any Message Logs}

# LANGUAGE_EXCEPTION -1 {Logs language exceptions only}

# STANDARD_GATEWAY_EXCEPTION 1 {Logs language and standard}

# WARNING 2 {Logs all errors & warnings}

# IMPORTANT_INFORMATION 3 {Logs errors,warnings and important Information.(Default)}

# STANDARD_INFORMATION 4 {Logs errors,warnings, important and standard information}

# LOW_IMPORTANCE_INFORMATION 5 {Logs errors,warnings important, standard and low importance information}
Name of the file used to output message/error logs can be set in this file..for the parameter
ig.messageLog.filename - msgLog.html
ig.errorLog.filename - errorLog.html