Send Master Utility

Just happened to read about a PeopleSoft - Send Master Utility

The Send Master utility enables you to test PeopleSoft Integration Broker service operation interactions with PeopleSoft and third-party web servers, application servers, and integration gateways. It can test listening connector functionality, target connector functionality, connector introspection and transactions.

Send Master enables you to post any data format, including the PeopleSoft Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) message format, to web and application servers over HTTP and HTTPS. You can also use Send Master to simultaneously test groups of different types of service operations, as well as stress test your system.

Send Master also enables you to perform Get functions and to ping application messaging gateways and third-party servers.

Send Master is installed with the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture on Windows and UNIX systems and is delivered as part of the Integration Broker Connector SDK.

Send Master is also delivered as a Windows stand-alone batch file. The stand alone version enables you to use the utility without having to install an integration gateway.



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    I think SOAPUI is better tool and does not only what Send master does but way beyond...

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