Excel - to CI - Compile error - User Defined Type not defined.

When using ExcelToCI on Windows 10, trying to load template or stage and submit data, it gave a 'Compile error' that reference to Visual Basic code reference to DOMDocument object. 

Users usually get a "Compile error: User-defined type not defined" error

This not an error in the Windows 7 OS, it is an issue with Windows 10. More corporate users are now moving the Windows 10 as the support earlier OS is coming to an end.

More users are facing the issue with the Excel-to-CI on there Windows 10 system. There are multiple solutions on different blogs to update the code (which works).

For easy access, I have attached the complete template for 8.54 and 8.55 (and Above) tools versions to the user the Excel to CI template for the Windows 10 OS.

This is provided by Oracle and it works fine in both old and new OS.