PeopleSoft DBA Interview Questions

  1. Application Designer
    1. Customization done in Dev DB, Which tool is used to move it to Prod DB? - Use App Designer -> Copy DB
    2. What is the difference in logging into App Designer in 2-tier and 3-tier mode?
    3. How do you compare two projects?
    4. How do you clear App Designer cache?
    5. How do you check whether you have logged into 2-tier or 3-tier?
    6. When logging in “Invalid AccessID and password for signon” pops up. What is the issue?
  2. Data Mover
    1. What are the different modes you can login into Data Mover?
    2. How do you login into BS mode? – DB Access ID
    3. Where does authentication take place in 2-Tier and 3-Tier modes?
    4. How do you restart a Data Mover script?
    5. How do you create a DMS using Data Mover?
    6. What SQL statements are not valid in Data Mover?
  3. Application Server/Process Scheduler
    1. What utility is used to Configure Application Server and Process Scheduler?
    2. Where do you set Peoplecode trace? - Configuration Manager and application server
    3. Where do one see the status of the process requested to be executed - Process monitor
    4. Where is PeopleTools data is cached – App Server
    5. Where is the App Server Configuration parameters defined?
    6. Where do you define failover for clustering?
  1. What servers are needed for configuring PIA?
  2. How do you configure Report Repository?
  3. What are the file transfer modes supported by PeopleSoft?
  4. Where do you check the status of processes/jobs run from PIA?
  5. How do you start PIA configured for WebLogic?
  6. What kind of tuning have you done? Explain.