Peoplesoft Server cache and cookies

With Peoplesoft Internet Architecture don't have local cache files on work station. All the cache files are on your Web Server and Application Server.

Web Server CACHE:

If you are using Web Logic as web server: The cache files are under Web Logic/My Server/Public_html/"PIA Instance name"/Cache.
If you are using Apache as web server: The cache files are under Apache Group/Apache/psftdocs/"PIA Instance name"/Cache.

App Server CACHE:

You also need to cache on App server domain which can even corrupt some times.
App server cache is located under your App server Box's PS_HOME/Appserv/"Domain Name"/Cache.


The only cache files on workstation when you use Peoplesoft Internet Architecture are Browser cache and cookies. You can delete browser cache from Internet Options->delete Temporary internet files.
Cookie, it downloads for the first time you signin for each PIA instance and every user you signed in from that work station's Browser. You can check these from Browser->tools->internet options->General Tab->settings Button->View files. You will see different files by name with cookie. The only way to delete them is manually each cookie or all the contents from this directory. Once you delete cookie, you get a new cookie created on browser when you sign back-in