Application Class Tester

Application Class Tester

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Purpose of the component
1) PIA page that a user can use to test an Application class API
2) Component can test one application class and one method at a time.
3) Tester will be able to use pass parameter values for the methods. Data types for the parameters will be basic types only.
4)PSScripts can be generated to test the application class with less customization.

Description of the page fields

classpath :- the classpath to the application that needs to be tested.
Constructor parameters :- (Optional) constructor parameters.
Class method:- the method name in the application class that needs to be tested.
Method parameters:- method parameters if any.
submit :- executes the method call the results
Display only result edit box:- This box is for psscript. It is just a concatenation of the method and parameter return values. for the special data type return values gives class name like Record, Row, Rowset.