Peoplecode Facts - Peoplecode information

Order of Execution of PeopleCode Programs

1. PeopleCode event.
2. Within an event, by level order-as determined by the buffer allocation order.
3. For a given field, first record PeopleCode, then component PeopleCode.

WinMessage should not be used in production. It works for browsers running in a Windows
environment, but it is Windows specific. Use it only during development, then remove or comment out the code before putting it into production. WinMessage is supported for compatibility with prior releases of PeopleTools. New application development should use the MessageBox function instead and is supported for
both Unix and Windows operating environments.

Trace Peoplecode
Here are five ways to start a trace:
• The Trace PeopleCode page - PeopleTools, Utilities, Debug, Trace PeopleCode
• Click the link to set a startup trace on your PeopleSoft sign on page.
• Use the Trace utility on Configuration Manager.
• Include the SetTracePC PeopleCode built-in function in a program.
• Append the trace flags in the process definition parameters to trace process running on the process scheduler.

Only two-tier or three-tier development environment applications (such as an Application Engine program being tested from Windows) can be traced using the Configuration Manager trace panel.

Commenting Peoplecode

Both the REM comments and the /* */ style of comments can span multiple lines. However, the
recommended method is to use the latter (/* ... */), since it can span multiple PeopleCode statements and is
therefore more flexible.

Commented text cannot exceed a maximum of 16383 characters.

As of PeopleSoft 8.4 you can use <* and *> to comment out a block of code that includes nested comments.

Use RowSelect to:

• Prevent a row from loading by using the DiscardRow function.
• Stop loading rows into the buffer by using the StopFetching function.
RowSelect PeopleCode is placed on a record field or component record.
Warnings and errors can be placed in RowSelect but will not be displayed to the user and are not used for that purpose in this event.