Customizing the JOB_DATA (Job data) component in HCM Peoplesoft.

JOB_DATA (Job Data) - It is one of most important component in the HCM which maintains the employees job history details. It is also one of the complex components which have a lot of business logic involved in it.

There are 5 other components which are very similar to the JOB_DATA component.

JOB_DATA_EMP   - Add employee Instance - Employee Hire component.
JOB_DATA_POI     - Add POI Instance - Hire Person of Interest component.
JOB_DATA_CWR  - Add CWR -  Hire Contingent Worker.
JOB_DATA_CONCUR  - Add concurrent Job.

In an implementation we customize delivered objects in PeopleSoft. Customizing the Job data component can be very painful as it creates a lot of maintainace  issues and lead to additional customizations. A lot of points needs to taken to consideration while any customizations are made to Job data component. Modify the Job record is a very bad customization, avoid modfiy the delivered records.

1) Any new custom record added to JOB_DATA component to capture the additional data on the Job data transactions then you might also need to add that record to other components similar to Job data as mentioned above. Additional customizations.

2) Any additional fields and records in the component will affect the component structure and it will impact directly component interface structure. We need to rebuild all the delivered component Interfaces.
b) HCR_JOB_DATA_SRV  - Component interface is used in Mass Update process (HR_MASSUPD) which  is CI based services for Mass changes to the employees  like Mass Salary change (periodic salary hike).
This process will be affected based on the way custom record is used in the job data component.

Component Interface is also used in the Automated Step increment process (HR_CMP007) which increments the step of the employee. Any change to the job data component will impact this process as well.

3) If your design handles any CI operations done by the above processes as new custom record is the child record of the parent record job then it will create problem if you use another Step increment process (CMP107) which is an SQR process which doesn't insert into custom record, which result into the improper component buffer in the job data component. Additional customization to custom record or

4) WORKFORCE_SYNC - Delivered IB message from HCM to ELM and CRM. This message is published in the job data (and related components) in save post change event. If auto select option is off for the new custom child record scroll in the job data. When there is only change to the fields of the custom record it sends out a blank message (blank XML),which creates fatal error in the CRM.

5) Any changes in the bundles and fixes from peoplesoft to job data components and its Peoplecode (& similar components)and its pages will lead to reapplying the customizations to these components.

To minimize the impact of customization.
1) Make new Custom record as child record to job record in the job data component and use auto select option on that scroll and don't run any process which inserts row into the job record or customize all the SQR to insert in to rows into custom record. Rebuild Job data CI - component Interfaces once. Create a new page for all the new custom fields. Modify all the components similar to job data.

2) Just  create a link to other component where is custom record is present and it is logical child of the job record. Add code to manage the rows in the child record for row insert , row delete , update key fields and update in job record. Job data component structure will not be impacted in this case.



  1. Anonymous said,

    Hello ,

    Nice blog and thanks for sharing it.
    If i want to add custom field to JOB_DATA_JOBCODE page which is on JOB_DATA component , what is simplest way you recommend to minimize the impact on deleived job component ? Would case 2 ( link from job component to custom component ) works if custom field is drop down field ?


    on June 8, 2010 at 7:19 PM  

  2. Unknown said,

    How to increase performance of JOB data ? Right now it is taking more time when History is included. Any points in this regard will help me.

    Thank in advance.


    on June 29, 2010 at 3:00 AM