AWE Workflow - Escalation emails

Peoplesoft AWE Workflows - Escalation process

AWE Workflows

In the “setup process definition “ you define the timeout for escalation. The ESCALATIONS Event ID will make sure to escalate if not approved within the “timeout” period.

PTAF_NEM - Is the process that needs to be run for the escalations in the approval workflow.

The PTAF_NEM process, when run kicks off 3 application engine programs one for each of the following events ID

Approval Activity Email
Receipt Notifications

The AWE Notification & Escalation process, PTAF_NEM, only sends out one ( 1 ) notification, however, multiple actions can be performed at each timeout. i.e. Notify and Reassign after 2 hours. Or Notify after 1 hour and Notify and Advance after 24 hours.

What cannot be done is to set the Timeout to 1 hour and expect to get a notification every hour that an action has not been taken.

EMP_SERVLET - URL needs to be configured to send the correct url link in the escalation notification emails.



  1. Hisir

    This is the worst part ofAWE and never work when u mix two different type of proces e.g . One day I put esclation and re assign approval and it didnot work , I ripped down whole code and it has many flows . We have to settle with only one esclation process than

    on April 3, 2010 at 10:44 PM