Peoplesoft - Sign on Process

Understanding Peoplesoft Sign on:

Basic step in Peoplesoft Sign on are:

1. Initial Connection: The application server starts, and uses the Connect ID and User ID specified in its configuration file (PSAPPSRV.CFG) to perform the initial connection to the database.

2. SELECT on security tables: After the Connect ID is verified, the application server performs a SELECT on various PeopleTools security tables, such as PSOPRDEFN, PSACCESSPRFL, and PSSTATUS. From these tables the application server gathers info such as User ID and password, symbolic ID, access ID, and access password. After the application server has the required information, it logs off from this initial connection.

3. Re-Connects with access ID: When the system verifies that the access ID is valid, the application server begins the persistent connection to the database that all PIA and windows three-tier clients use to access the database.