Report Distribution - Distribution Agent

Report Distribution: PSDSTSRV

Report List table (PS_CDM_LIST)

When the server agent initiates a process request that has an output destination type of Web, or if the Server Definition page is set up to transfer log/trace files to Report Manager, then an entry is inserted into the Report List table (PS_CDM_LIST). Once the program associated with the process finishes, the status in the Report List table is updated to Generated indicating that the files are ready to transfer to Report Repository. The distribution Agent polls the Report List table to determine which process requests have finished running and then transfers them to Report Repository.

Prior to transferring files to the Report Repository, the Distribution Agent will perform the following steps

· Create the INDEX.HTML file. The Distribution Agent inventories all the files generated by the program associated with the process request. It will create an index.html file cataloging all the report, log, and trace files. This HTML file is used by the Report Repository to link these files, so the file can be selected either from Report Manager or the Process Monitor Detail page.
The Distribution Agent uses an HTML report template file to create the index.html. The HTML template file contains markers used to indicate header and detail information. You can make changes to this file provided the markers in the template file are left intact.

· Transfer files to the Report Repository. Once the index.html file is created for the process request, the Distribution Agent transfers this HTML file with all the report and log files to the Report Repository. For each process request that it transfers, a directory is created in the Report Repository using an RBRAN (Really Big Random Alphanumeric Name) schema. All the files for a process request will be stored in this directory.

· Delete the directory from the Process Scheduler Server Agent's Log/Output directory. When the output destination type specified for a process request is Web, all the files and the directory associated with the process request are deleted from the Process Scheduler Log/Output directory after the files are transferred to the Report Repository.



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