Tuxedo Web Administration…

To run the BEA Tuxedo Administration Console, Ensure that your TUXDIR, WEBJAVADIR, and PATH environment variables are set correctly in the Server where the Tuxedo application server is installed.

Then set up the following two server processes:

A Web server provided with the BEA Tuxedo system software. You are not required to use this server; you may, if you prefer, use your own commercial Web server.

To Start Tuxwsvr:
tuxwsvr -l //machine:port -i $TUXDIR/udataobj/tuxwsvr.ini (onUNIX)

A server required to administer the BEA Tuxedo Administration Console. It must be run on the MASTER machine in a Tuxedo multi-machine configuration.

To Start wlistenon:

1. Verify that the wlisten process is running. On a UNIX machine, for example, enter the ps command.
2. If wlisten is not running, open the webgui.ini file and, in the line NADDR=//foo5:4003, replace the port number (4003) with a valid port number.
3. Enter the following command:
$ wlisten -i $TUXDIR/udataobj/webgui/webgui.ini (on UNIX)
4. Check that the tuxwsvr process is running at the port specified in the URL.
5. Verify the password. It must match one of the entries in the tlisten.pw file

After starting the tuxwsvr and wlisten server processes, you can start the BEA Tuxedo Administration Console to monitor the tuxwsvr server and the BEA Tuxedo application by replacing the machine & port name appropriately in the below link...


Before invoking the tuxedo web admin, verify the TUXEDO password in tlisten.pw file.