New Features of 11g Oracle Database

Oracle Database 11g Top New Features:

Database Replay

Explore Database Replay, the new tool that captures SQL statements and lets you replay them at will.

Transaction Management

Get an introduction to Flashback Data Archive and explore Enterprise Manager's Log Miner interface.

SQL Plan Management

Use bind variables that pick the right plan every time and ensure a new execution plan is perfect before it's used.

SQL Access Advisor

Get advice about optimal table design based on actual use of the table, not just data.


Explore Data Recovery Advisor, do parallel backup of the same file, and create and manage virtual catalogs.

Automatic Storage Management

Learn about new SYSASM role, variable extent sizes, and other ASM improvements

Schema Management

Add columns with a default value easily and explore invisible indexes, virtual columns, and read only tables.

SQL Performance Analyzer

Accurately assess the impact of rewriting of SQL statements and get suggested improvements.


Explore automatic memory management, multicolumn statistics, online patching, and more features.

PL/SQL: Efficient Coding

Triggers that fire several times at different events and ability to force triggers of the same type to follow a sequence are some new gems.


D.Sasi Kumar