Visual Compare reports in Peoplesoft

Visual Compare reports in Peoplesoft

The PeopleSoft Application Designer displays a Property Value panel to show details about every difference or each changed page control. To the right, each page is displayed side-by-side enabling the visual comparison.

Note. The pages appear in a read-only state. You cannot make any changes to either page definition from the Visual Compare interface.

Determining Differences between Page Definitions

When there are differences between source and target page definitions, the system illustrates this in the Layout tab by surrounding the page field with a red box with a red 'X' at the top, left-hand corner. The field in which you have placed your cursor has a dotted line surrounding it.

On the Order tab, page controls that have differences are highlighted in red. Also, if you select a page control, you can see easily if its order is different as the highlighted areas do not match.

To launch a visual compare for pages:

1. Open the upgrade project, and make sure that you are in the Upgrade view.

2. Open the Pages window within the upgrade project.

3. Select the page(s) that you want to compare.

4. Right-click on the Pages window to display the context menu.

5. Select Visual Compare, and then select one of these options:

o From Database: select if you are comparing the current definitions with definitions in another database. After doing so, sign on to the appropriate database using the PeopleSoft Signon window.

o From File: select if you are comparing the current definitions with definitions in a file. After doing so, navigate to the appropriate file using the Visual Compare from File: Select Project dialog box.

-Ganesh A.M