PeopleCode debugging - PSDBGSRV

Setting up the Application Server for Debugging:

To set up your application server for PeopleCode debugging the minimum requirements are:

1. The application server domain requires at least two PSAPPSRV server processes.

2. The application server must have Enable Debugging turned on in PSADMIN. - This can done while booting the application server:

Do you want to enable PeopleCode Debugging (PSDBGSRV) (y/n)? [n]:y

For the debugger to work, it has to run in parallel with the application it's debugging. Suppose your domain only has one PSAPPSRV server process running. In this case, the PSAPPSRV can process the requests of only one component at a time, and therefore debugging is not possible.
However, provided that you have two PSAPPSRV server processes running, one PSAPPSRV handles the debugger program while the other handles the application you're stepping through with the debugger. In this case, the two programs run in parallel and provide interactive debugging.

Make sure to start two PSAPPSRV processes prior to debugging. To do this, in PSADMIN set the Min Instances parameter in the PSAPPSRV section to 2. For example,
Min Instances=2

It is also important to set the Service Timeout parameter for PSAPPSRV to zero. For example,
Service Timeout=0
Disabling service timeouts prevents the application server processes from timing out if you stop at a particular point in your program while debugging.