How to use Verity Search to find applicants using the keywords

Find the resumes applicants based on the keywords.
Search the resumes in peoplesoft.

Recruiting > Administration > Build Applicant Index

An application engine program can be executed to run the Verity search Index to search the applicants.

under the applicants status select the group that needs to be indexed. select the index
C:\tmp for NT and /temp for UNIX scheduler.

execute the process HRS_SRCH_IDX to create the search index in the PS_HOME/data/search/HRS_ResumeText/

If the application servers and process schedulers are on separate boxes then additional steps need to be taken so that the application servers have access the files created under the PS_HOME\data\search\HRS_ResumeText\%DB NAME% directory

These files can be copied to app server as well.

To find the applicants

Recruiting > Find Applicants

In the Resume and Application Search section enter word that you are looking for in the resume in Enter Keywords field.



  1. Karthik said,

    Could you generalize this post, by explaining how to setup Verity for the portal or any component?

    on November 15, 2010 at 8:10 AM