Setup for HRMS for Military customers

Following steps to be followed to setup for the military customers / employees

1) Set Up HRMS>Install> Installation Table> Products
check military check.

2)Modify the search views to include the Military ranks
Record MIL_SRCH_SBR - check the alternate key for all fields in the record field properties
which adds 3 new fields in the search page Military Service, Military Rank and Worn Rank
in the modify the person.

3) setup the Event manager registry for updateMilitaryNames handler

SetUp HRMS> System Administration> HCM Event Manager> Event Registry

Event name :- AssignmentMilitaryRankChanged
make this event active.

Confirm that the Handler:UpdateMilitaryNames is Active in the Registered Handlers Tab on the Event Manager – Registry page.

Handler mode:- It should be synchronous.