Peoplesoft Base Benefit Tables

Base Benefit Tables

PS_BEN_PROG_PARTIC - EE Benefit program participation.
PS_BENEFIT_PARTIC - Ben Plan type enrollment control
PS_BENEF_COMMENT - Benefit Comments

Dependent Details table

PS_DEPENDENT_BENEF - View Dependents/Beneficiaries
PS_DEP_BEN - EE Dependents/Beneficiaries
PS_DEP_BEN_EFF - EE Dependents Details EFFDT
PS_DEP_BENEF_VW - EE Dependent Only View
PS_DEP_BEN_ADDR - EE Dependent Address details
PS_BEN_NAME - EE Dependent Name
PS_DEP_BENEF_NID - Dependent / Benef National ID s
PS_DEPENDENT_PHONE - Dependent/Benef Phone Numbers

Health Plan Tables – Plan types – 1%

PS_HEALTH_PLAN_TBL - Health Plan Attributes Table
PS_HEALTH_PLAN_VW - Health Plans types View with its long descr plan type LIKE ‘1%’
PS_HEALTH_PLAN_LNG - Health Plans types view with its long descr lng plan type like ‘1%’

PS_HEALTH_BENEFIT - Health Benefits EE Elections
PS_HEALTH_DEPENDNT - Health Benefits EE Dependent Elections

PS_HEALTH_VW - EE Current Health Elections

Savings Plan Tables – Plan types - 4%

PS_SAVINGS_PLN_TBL -Savings Plan Attributes Table.
PS_SAVINGS_INV_TBL - Describing a specific investment option
Available within a Savings Plan type.
PS_ SAVINGS_PLN_VW -Savings Plan types view with its long description

PS_SAVINGS_PLAN -Savings Plan Enrollment Table.
PS_SAVINGS_BENEFIC -Savings Plan Beneficiaries.
PS_SAVINGS_INVEST -Savings Plan Enrollment Investment option.
PS_SAVINGS_PLAN_VW -Savings Plan Enrollment view

Life Plan Tables – Plan types - 2%

PS_LIFE_ADD_TBL -Life AD/D Ben Plan Parameters
PS_LIFE_PLAN_VW -Life AD/D Plan type views

PS_LIFE_ADD_BEN -EE Life AD/D Benefit Enrollment
PS_LIFE_ADD_BENEFC -EE Life AD/D Beneficiaries
PS_LIFE_VW -EE Current Life AD/D Benefits

FSA Plan Tables – Plan types - 6%

PS_FSA_BENEF_TBL -FSA Benefit Plan Parameters
PS_FSA_PLAN_VW -FSA Plan Type with its long description.

PS_ FSA_BENEFIT -EE FSA Benefit Enrollment View
PS_FSA_BENEFIT_VW -EE FSA Benefit Enrollment View

Retirement Plan Tables – Plan Types – 7%

PS_RTRMNT_PLAN_TBL -Retirement Plan Attributes Table
PS_RTRMNT_PLAN_VW -Retirement Plan types view

PS_RTRMNT_PLAN -EE Retirement Enrollment Table
PS_RTRMNT_VW -EE Current Retirement Benefits

Simple Plan Tables – Plan Types – A%

PS_SIMPLE_BENEFIT - EE Simple Benefits Plans Enrollments
PS_SIMPLE_PLAN_TBL - Plan attributes table.
PS_SIMPLE_PLAN_VW - Simple Plan Types view with long description.

Disability benefit plan table

PS_DISABILITY_BEN EE Disability Ben Enrollments
PS_DISABILITY_VW EE Current Disability Bens