F1 Context Help for Peoplesoft Application Designer

Access Peoplebooks from Applicaiton Desinger.
Context Help for Application designer.

Follow the setps to configure F1 - context help for the application designer.
Press F1 in the application designer to get the help based on the URL configuration below.
It can take to the peoplebooks based on the context.

Navigate to PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > PeopleTools Options

Under the help option you can set the URL to the People books.

URL needs to be in the following format.

%CONTEXT_ID% is the object name or context ID of the currently displaying page or dialog box.
%LANG_CD% is the three-letter language code for the user's preferred language.

Cntrl+F1 - can be used as alternative help URL to the website on the internet or the company's internal website.