Peoplesoft HCM Process - Scheduled process.

HR_PERSDATA Application Engine - Updates the PERSONAL_DATA snapshot table with future dated entries as they become effective.

NAME_DISPLAY Application Engine - Refreshes the NAME_DISPLAY and NAME_FORMAL fields in all records with the NAME_GBL_SBR. Use when the criteria used to change these fields is changed.

PER099 Application Engine - Fill EMPLOYEES Table.

PTAF_NEM Application Engine - PTAF_NEM - Approval Framework Escalation App Engine.           AWE Workflow escalation process.

SCRTY_OPRCLS Application Engine - SCRTY_OPRCLS - Updates the SJT_OPR_CLS security Join Table.

SCRTY_SJTDLY Application Engine -  Nightly update for SJT Records -  Update of all effdt rows that have become current as of this data.

HRS_AM Application Engine - Applicant Search Auto-Match -Recruiter Applicant Search auto-match process.

HRS_DUPE_PRC Application Engine - Find Applicant Duplicates - Finds applicant duplicates given certain criteria.

HRS_JOB_AGNT Application Engine - Job Agent - Run the Job Posting Search Agent process.

HRS_JSCH_IDX Application Engine -Verity based Job Posting Index build process.

HRS035 SQR Report - Application Analysis (USA).

PER506 SQR Report - Department Tbl & Departmental - This report lists any departments that you have created in the Department Tree but have not yet added to the departmental security tree, It also lists any changes in departments since the effective date of the current security tree.

PER900 SQR Report - Core HR Data Integrity Audit. - Audit of the CORE HR Tables for Data Relationship Integrity.

PSBARUN - Cobal Job - For the Benefit Administration - scheduled to run twice each night with some custom pre and post processes.



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