Creating Dynamic Roles in Peoplesoft

Creating Dynamic Roles in Peoplesoft


Using the Dynamic Members page of the role component, that users can be tied to roles using a query rule there on the page. The query itself should simply be built to select right there on the page. The query itself should simply be built to select the user IDs that should belong to the Role based on some logic in the query.


Problem : - Peoplesoft has built in security within the PS Query tool that will automatically add ‘AND OPRID =’ and the current user’s OPRID to all queries on tables that have PSOPRDEFN table in order to select OPRID’s will always only return your own OPRID.


Solution: - The solution to this problem is to create a view within Peoplesoft that will contain the query logic needed to return your data, or least a broad scope of data an criteria by which you may wish to choose your Role users. Be certain this view contains OPRID but doesn’t use it as a KEY. Once this is done then your PS Query selects OPRID from the view, not one of the delivered PS tables.


Tie the query to your Role


PeopleTools -> Security -> Permission & Roles in 8.4


PeopleTools -> Maintain Security -> Use -> Roles in earlier releases.



Select the server to run the query on in the Execute on Server field and then press Test Rule button. If the data returned looks correct the Click Execute  Rule button to actually run the process that will put the users in to the PSROLEUSER table.



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