Monkeygrease is a very simple servlet filter that will allow a web developer to inject JavaScript, CSS or other elements within a web page. This concept was inspired by the popular Greasemonkey extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser. Greasemonkey empowers a user to alter and enhance any web page by allowing them to execute user scripts (JavaScript) on any page.


Monkeygrease will enable you to move your web application to the Web 2.0 world. Forget about waiting for the next release of a packaged web applications.


This can used to enhance even the peoplesoft web pages.

Monkeygrease is licensed under the MIT License (Find out more about this License tomorrow.)

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Monkeygrease is akin to a proxy. When a web application is enhanced with Monkeygrease, the request is passed through Monkeygrease and if the URL of that request matches a Monkeygrease rule, Monkeygrease applies the rule by modifying the response back to the browser. In the end, you get a page that’s been “enhanced” by Monkeygrease.



Ganesh A.M