Peopleosft Application Engine Trace


  1. How to trace AE?


There are a few ways to trace an AE program. You can enable the trace using some of the below methods:


    1. In the process scheduler configuration file psprcs.cfg
    2. You can enable the trace in the “Process Definition”.
    3. Grab the Oracle session information and generate SQL Trace


It is not advised to enable the trace using psprcs.cfg because it will enable trace for ALL AE programs using that scheduler. However, this might be the best choice in an environment where you want to trace multiple AE programs or you do not have access to modify the process definition. Exercise this option with caution knowing that it might generate trace files for all AE programs.


To enable trace using “Process Definition”, make the below change. You can use the “-TRACE” or “-TOOLSTRACESQL” or “-TOOLSTRACEPC” option depending on what information you require.


  1. Which AE program has trace enabled in its process definition?


The below SQL will help you determine all the AE programs that have TRACE enabled. It will be useful to use this SQL in your monitoring scripts if you notice developers enabling trace using the process definitions and getting the program with its process definition migrated all the way to production or if your analyst or DBA have the tendency to enable the trace and forget about it.





AND PRCSTYPE = 'Application Engine';



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