Record Level Auditing Vs Field Level Auditing

Record Level Auditing Vs Field Level Auditing in Peoplesoft.

When Use Record Level Audit and Field Level Audit?

Record Level Auditing

Record Level Auditing is enabled at the Record Properties. Record level auditing allows you to have separate audit tables dedicated to one database record. It will be help full to easily find the set of fields modified in a row in a particular record. We usually prefer to use it when there are many fields that need to be audited and we can check the data relatively find the changes to fields in a particular record. It is also very useful when key fields by itself might change due to correction (Eg: Effdt in JOB). This can we well audited well with Record Level Auditing.

The Audit record should have the following fields




Include the fields in the audit record which needs to be audited. Remove all key structures for those added fields. Link the base record to the audit record

Auditing will not happen when sql update, insert, delete statements are executed on the table in database directly.

We can Audit Insert, Delete, Update and Select. Select auditing will option to know who all viewed data in record. But this will add to many rows in to the audit record. We need to select it for the small, less used and secured record.

Field Level Auditing

It is used when few fields needs to be audited in a record. The entire fields audit will be stored in the one single record PSAUDIT.


KEY fields help to know the row which is modified the source record.

This needs to be selected in the record field properties. We can Audit Insert, Delete and Update

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