Calculating Benefits Deductions for Multiple Jobs

Calculating Benefits Deductions for Multiple Jobs
Set Up HRMS > Product Related > Base Benefits > Rates and Rules >Calculation
Rules Table > Calculation Rules

When calculating benefit deductions or coverage amounts based on the employee’s salary
you need to determine which job salaries to use. You can calculate deduction and
coverage amounts based on:
• Primary: The salary from the Primary Job
• Flagged BR: The sum of the salaries from a group of jobs within the same benefit
record number selected for deduction processing
• All Flagged: The sum of salaries across all benefit record numbers selected for
deduction processing.

Note. The Combined Salaries check box and Grouping Method on the Calculation Rules
page along with the employee’s Include Deductions flag from the Primary Jobs Flags
page determine the deduction or coverage amount for salary based plans.