Workforce Communication in Peoplesoft 9.1

New Module to be introduced in the peoplesoft 9.1 - Workforce communication (WFC).
WFC is outcome of an market research to Manage different HR programs and
initiatives whcih helps to increased invlovment workforce and sucess of initiatives.
PeopleSoft Workforce Communications could be used include:
• Organizational change management communications
• Cultural brand awareness
• Open enrollment communications
• Policy and compliance communications
• Manager-assessed workforce planning
• Health and wellness programs
• Alumni community communications and development

Surveys can dynamically branch based on how the recipient has answered the questions, and can trigger automated follow-up actions that are specific to the recipient’s response. The ability
to target survey communications to workforce groups and to personalize survey.

PeopleSoft Workforce Communications can enable you to answer the following
• Which initiatives were most successful?
• Has the initiative resulted in the committed goal of cost reduction?
• What percentage of recipients responded to the survey?
• How many people opened the email communication? Who didn’t open it?
• Which workforce demographic is the most and least satisfied or engaged?
• How is satisfaction and engagement related to other factors?
• How do you get the right talent in the right position?
• How many contractors have we hired as a result of alumni programs?