EMPL_RCD is Benefit Record in Base Benefit Records

BENEFIT_NBR field is not implement in the peoplesoft base benefit records.
EMPL_RCD in the Base Benefit Tables doesn't store EMPL_RCD instead store the Benefit record Number and Benefit number (BENEFIT_NBR) field in these records are dummy ( not implemented )and they always store zero. It's seems to be some sort of the design flaw in the Peoplesoft.

All the Base Benefit (Benefit Program participation , Health Benefit ..etc )
record's schema shows that it is keyed by EMPL_RCD. This is not logically or functionally accurate. Throughout all of Base Benefits, when in the context of benefit enrollment, EMPL_RCD must be interpreted as an alias for BENEFIT_RCD_NBR. All benefit enrollment-related records are logically keyed by BENEFIT_RCD_NBR, so here EMPL_RCD actually contains the value of the appropriate BENEFIT_RCD_NBR. It is CRITICAL that all joins, comparisons, and updates to this record be against BENEFIT_RCD_NBR. Thus a typical driving join for benefit participation is PS_PER_ORG_ASGN.BENEFIT_RCD_NBR = PS_BEN_PROG_PARTIC.EMPL_RCD, and a typical join for benefit enrollment is PS_PER_ORG_ASGN.BENEFIT_RCD_NBR = PS_HEALTH_BENEFIT.EMPL_RCD. The security and search views used in Base Benefits perform this "mapping" internally.