Primary Jobs in Peoplesoft - HR & Base Benefits

Primary Jobs in Peoplesoft
There are 2 types of the Primary Jobs in the Peoplesoft HCM
1) HR - Primary Job Indicator in the Job data component.
2) Benefits - Primary Job Indicator.
One of the Employee job will be considered as the HR -Primary job for an employee and this is mainly for reporting purpose.

One of the Employee Job will be considered as the Benefits - Primary Job for Jobs under particulary Benefit Record number of an employee. If employees' Jobs are assigned to more than one Benefit record number and for each set of the Employees' Jobs under the particular Benefit record number one Benefits Primary Job should be selected.

Job - Data - Benefit Program Participation Page can be used to set the Benefit Record number.

Note : - Benefit Record Number is Zero by default. You manually change this field when appropraite. Because you are maintaning an effective-dated history of primary jobs benefits according to a set of strict rules , don't change the benefit record number of an existing job.
Doing so invalidates the primary job inicators that reside on the effective - dated primary jobs table and can result in erroneous processing within Benefits Adminstration and payroll for north america, resulting in abnormal termination of some processes.

Multiple Job Options can be set in the below Component.
Setup HRMS > Product Releated > Base Benefits > Multiple Job Options > Mutliple- Job optns

Following page can be used to view and update an employee's primary Job flag inculde deduction flag.
Benefits > Maintain Primary Jobs > Maintain Flags > Primary Jobs Flags

Primary Jobs table, Which is automatically created when ever a job is added using the Add concurrent Job pages updated whenever the job is terminated, based upon rules that you define in the multiple- Job optns (multiple Job options) page.

Primary Jobs table has following flags as well.

Include Eligibility : For Benefits Administration only. Select this check box if you want this job to be included by the system when determining the employee’s benefit eligibility.

Include Deductions: Select this check box if you want this job to be included when the system calculates the employee’s benefit deduction and coverage.

Why Benefits Primary Job is requried.
1) Determine to which Job the system applies the benefit deducation.
2) Identify the job that will provide the service date and the termination date.
3) Search record on all the Benefits search page shows only the jobs which has primary job flag is selected.

Automatically Building Primary Job Data for Multiple Employees
Run the Primary Job Utility process whenever you add a new employee population to the database through an external interface or database load (such as when implementing employee groups in phases or acquiring another company).

Benefits > Maintain Primary Jobs > Rebuild Primary Job Flags > Primary Job Maint
Process Name :- BN_BEN500_AE
When the utility runs, all existing data for the indicated employee population (if any) in the Primary Jobs Table is deleted. For each employee, a new effective-dated entry is made, assigning the primary job designation to the lowest active employee record within a benefit record number. Primary Job information is created for a time span bounded by the earliest and latest job effective dates for all jobs within a benefit record. If all jobs within a benefit record are terminated, the job with the lowest employee record is designated as the primary job.

Warning! All manual changes made through the Primary Jobs Flags page for the selected employee population are lost, because the complete Primary Job history is rebuilt for each employee.