Employees table - PER099 Process in Peoplesoft

PER099 - Employees Record

PER099 - This Application Engine program re-fresh the snapshot of the employee data stored in the in PS_EMPLOYEES table and PS_EMPLOYEES_LNG

Employee - EMPLOYEES is a table populated by PER099 AppEngine process.

It is a snapshot of emploees' personal/demographic data, employment data, and job/salary data as of the date indicated when the program is run.

This table is primarily for reporting. Only employees with EMPL_STATUS (A,P,L,S,W) are included with all their EMPL_RCDs and the most current JOB row as of the ASOFDATE.

EMPLOYEES_LNG is the language record related to EMPLOYEES.

A related language record enables text fields on a table to be translated into various languages for use in other countries.

Note :- It is not preferred to modify these record during implementation. If you need custom fields for the reporting purpose create the child record with the same set of keys and the custom fields in to these and create Job process including the PER099 and custom process which populates custom field in the child record. Simple join on the Employees record and custom child record will give you all the fields for reporting purpose.